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  • 22100-03


    FGR 300 Extension kit This kit extends the FGR 300 fork length from 750 mm to 770 mm. Making the fork more suitable for certain race bike set-ups. Kit contains longer outer tubes and a different top cap with preload adjuster.   Yamaha R1M Race...

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  • FGK 234

    FGK 234

    Whether heading for a National Roadracing title or just taking your bike to the local race track, the cartridge kit offers loads of performance, stability and superior suppleness. This kit has a unique design, where the compression damping is taken care...

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  • SALE
    FGRT 219

    FGRT 219

    Featuring the race-proven technology of our 30mm front fork cartridge kit, the compression and rebound damping systems are separated between the fork legs. This not only allows for superior dynamic behaviour but also for keeping the adjusters...

    MSRP: $3,375.00
    Was: $3,375.00
    Now: $3,000.00
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  • FKR 103

    FKR 103 Spring pressurized Cartridge KitFKR 100Comes with 3 different spring rates: 9.5 ,10 & 10.5N/mm Fits OEM Öhlins FL 912 fork

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  • SD 043

    SD 043

    The Öhlins Smart EC aftermarket steering damper is designed to complement the Öhlins Smart EC system equipped with the Yamaha R1M. Öhlins Smart EC software controlling for this steering damper is already pre-programmed into the Yamaha...

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  • SD 047

    SD 047

    Thanks to the superior pressurized design and extremely tight manufacturing tolerances, the steering damper delivers supreme performance and agility, and with the wide adjustment range it is easy to find that perfectly weighted steering feel and feedback...

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