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  • FSK 115

    FSK 115

    The FSK 100-series is a great performance upgrade for the standard bikes front end. The kit is designed to improve the handling, cornering and braking and give the rider a noticeable improved feeling in all areas. The kit consists of a replacement top...

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  • FSK 121

    FSK 121

    FSK 121 Top Cap spring kitFSK 100Only for fork with M35 top caps. Note, some 2016 bikes have M37 top caps, in this case use FSK 115.

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  • IN 524

    Featuring all the classical Öhlins qualities delivering top notch performance for our street bike. Available in emulsion, piggyback or hose versions, depending on application, it can also be specified with a number of different damping adjustment...

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  • IN 525

    IN 525

    The Öhlins STX36D and STX36P Blackline are a classic monotube design, featuring all the classical Öhlins qualities delivering top notch ride comfort and performance for your bike. Available in dividing piston or piggyback versions, depending...

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