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  • FGR 178

    FGR 178

    The FGR 100-series is designed for top level racing in SuperStock and SuperSport classes, this high end cartridge kit delivers performance levels previously unheard of. The advanced design maintains damping, even at high frequencies, improving control of...

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  • FKR 109

    FKR 109 Spring pressurized Cartridge KitFKR 100Comes with 3 different spring rates: 9, 9.5 & 10N/mm (Not 2017 model)

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  • HO 363

    HO 363

    For 2018 Öhlins will be updating and revising the TTX GP product line-up. Öhlins are continuously striving to improve their products on quality, consistency and performance. From our latest research and development we have made a...

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