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  • HO 013

    HO 013

    It has a 46 mm piston and is available in a number of different applications with or without external reservoir either with a hose or in piggy back versions. It can also come with pre-load spring adjusters, all depending on the kind of bike and...

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  • O350

    Z-Bomb HONDA VFR - Makes stock ECU think bike is in 3rd gear when in 1st & 2nd and therefore, 1st & 2nd have full power.

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  • T350 Z-Fi TC traction + qs + fuel

    T350 Z-Fi TC traction + qs + fuel

    Benefits Faster corner exit with controlled tire spin and improved traction Improves rider confidence on corner exit Sensitivity is fully tunable by throttle position, RPM, and gear Inference level tunable by throttle position Improve forward momentum...

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